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Past Programs & Events

Film series

Since 2009 NJP/I has offered a summer Film series. Each consists of three films on three consecutive Tuesday evening in the summer.  The programs have included  a mix of both feature and documentary movies


May 15 is the day each year when the Nakba is recalled. Arabic for “catastrophe,” the word refers to the 1948 mass exodus of Arabs, and the destruction of over four hundred Palestinain villages when the state of Israel was declared.   On or near the date, NJP/I holds a gathering in Northfield’s Bridge Square to read out the names of the destroyed villages.


Since 2007 NJP/I has sponsored or supported speakers and presentations by a range of visitors.  They include: Iyad Burnat, Craig and Cindy Corrie, Mads Gilbert, Miko Peled, Mazin Qumsiyeh, Mitri Raheb, Allison Weir and Grant Smith.

Special Events

In the past these have included a Palestinian dinner, two Palestinian Fair, and theatrical presentations.  For further details, see the Archive of Past Events.

Speaker Requests

If you would like to talk with any of our members, or arrange an NJP/I presentation for your community or your group, or be added to our email list for notification of current and future events, please contact us.

Archive of Past Events Sponsored or Supported by NJP/I


Peacestock: An Introduction to NJP/I

NJP/I Members Speak Their Mind:  Why We Work for NJP

  • February 18, 2021

Seven members of NJP/I briefly describe how they became involved with Palestinian justice issues and with NJP/I, some highlights of their involvement, and how they respond to questions or concerns about their work.

Passcode: Di1YG%ge

Personal Stories of the Nakba (The Catastrophe)

  • Saturday, May 15, 2021

This is an original NJP/I-produced Zoom event featuring three Palestinians sharing their family stories of their lives during the Nakba in 1948 when 750,000 Palestinians were forced to flee from their homes and villages when Israel declared statehood. 

Since 2014 NJP/I has held a moving live Nakba ceremony on Bridge Square in Northfield near the May 15 Nakba anniversary date. Those attending have participated in marking the locations of 450 of the depopulated and destroyed villages on a large map as the name of each village was read.
Access Passcode: nakba2021!

An NJP/I original: Interview with Saji Khalil commemorating the Nakba

When a Minnesota Law Silences Us

  • Monday, May 24, 2021

In 2017, Minnesota enacted laws that prohibit the state legislature and any state agency from doing business with a vendor that discriminates against Israel.  This law – and similar laws in other states – are in direct violation of the First Amendment and one’s right to freedom of speech.  

Meera Shah of Palestine Legal ( and other local speakers.

Co-hosted by: American Muslims for Palestine–MN, Jewish Voice for Peace–Twin Cities, MN BDS Community, Middle East Peace Now, MN Break the Bonds, MN Friends of Sabeel, Northfielders for Justice in Palestine/Israel, Palestine Israel Justice Project, Palestine Legal, Women Against Military Madness

Gaza Still Alive: A film and a discussion with Q&A

  • June 22, 2021

Gaza Still Alive, a documentary featuring journalist Harry Fear, reveals the mental health catastrophe among Palestinians in the impoverished Gaza Strip, after a decade of isolation from the world and amid ongoing war trauma.  This is the story of Gazans’ immense invisible suffering, through the eyes of ordinary civilians and the psychologists tasked with supporting them against all odds.

The discussion following the film is led by Deya’ Leonard Dressner of the Leonard Education Oppportunity. ( The Leonard Education Organizations (LE.O) supports under-resourced and underserved Palestinians — from Gaza, the West Bank, refugee camps — seeking higher education in the US and countries abroad.

For those who want to watch the film on their own:

  •   October 18th

A talk and conversation with Political Science Professor Virginia Tilley. “Apartheid, Liberation, Self-determination – What’s next for Palestine?” 

Virginia Tilley

Virginia Tilley

Professor of Political Science at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Virginia Tilley is one of the most informed and persuasive commentators on the current Palestine-Israeli conflict.  

Her interests and expertise are wide: she has studied ethnic conflict not only in Israel-Palestine, but also in Central America, South Africa and Oceania (the southwest Pacific). View Video Here




2017 — NJP/I 10th Anniversary Year

  • Other Anniversaries this year:
    • 10th Anniversary of Gaza Blockade
    • 50th Anniversary of the Occupation
    • 70th Anniversary of the Nakba
    • 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration
  • NJP/I 10th Anniversary Open House
  • NJP/I supports IRMEP?WRMEA conference: The Israeli Lobby and American Policy —
  • Nakba Remembrace Bridge Square    – Click to Watch Video of Event
  • Summer Film Series: click here for Film Series Flyer
  • Sa’ed Atshan presents Israel/Palestine:  Reflections from a Palestinian Quaker
  • Fall Event:  Perspectives on Palestine – Click to View Flyer
    • Speakers Bios: click here
    • Speakers
      • Dr. Mark Braverman – “Tipping Point? Politics, Zionism and the Call to the Church”
      • Nathan Stock – “Gaza and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” – Video
      • Jennifer Bing – “No way to Treat a Child” – Video
      • Panel Discussion – Video
  • NJP/I travel scholarship awarded
  • Book Group begun
  • Legislative visits begun








  • Our Story: The Palestinians, a Palestine photo exhibit, was shared and mounted at different venues
  • Demonstration on Bridge Square to protest the Israeli attack on the Free Gaza Flotilla
  • Summer Film series
  • Participated in International Day of Peace
  • Hosted Three Women from Jerusalem
  • Sponsor of the Sabeel Conference held at Luther Seminary, St Paul
  • A Palestine Fair held at the UCC Church
  • An event to support the Free Bethlehem Campaign
  • Presented “O Little Town of Bethlehem: What has Become of You?”
    • Film: “Bethlehem and the Wall”
    • Speaker: Peter Mann of Import Peace: Bethlehem Today
    • Speaker: Bill McGrath:
  • Continues legislative outreach with a visit to US Representative John Kline’s office and work with the MN Break the Bonds campaign


  • Bill McGrath speaks at the public library: President Obama and Justice and Peace in the Middle East
  • Individual NJP/I members involved in the Minnesota Break the Bonds campaign
  • Five week lecture series at the Methodist Church entitled “Towards an Understanding of the Palestine/Israel Conflict” with David Wildman speaking
  • Tabling at Just Foods to promote Palestinian Fair Trade
  • Palestinian olive oil sold at local co=op
  • Summer Film Series
  • NJP/I becomes a member of the US Campaign to End the Occupation
  • A display table to mark the International Day of Peace at St John’s Church
  • NJP/I subscribes to the Washington Report on Middle East Affair for the Northfield Public Library
  • Legislative visit to John Kline’s (US representative) office


  • Abigail Ozanne (Christian Peacemaker Team) spoke at St. Olaf
  • Anna Baltzer speaks at Carleton
  • Wheels of Justice visits Northfield
  • Father David Smith speaks at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church
  • Our Story: The Palestinians, a Palestine photo exhibit, was acquired and shared at different venues
  • Supported an Elder Collegium class on War and Peace in a Land Called Holy taught by Chuck Lutz
  • Began selling olive oil
  • Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian poet dies on August 9th

Beginning in 2007

  • Summer Film
    • “The West Bank Story,”
      • with a Palestinian and a Jewish respondent
  • Rev. Mitri Raheb spoke at St. Olaf
  • November: Palestinian Fair, UCC Church with Michael and Carmen Zoughbi speaking and selling olive wood carvings

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